Our Corporate Insurance Division has dedicated Senior Brokers


that are highly qualified in the design, placement and management of complex commercial insurance programs.


Every corporation is unique even within their industry sector, so it is vital that a thorough process of analysis is applied to each and every business we partner with


Our risk identification process begins with a Gap Analysis report.


Through risk profiling we ensure that a thorough and detailed review of all your risk exposures are conducted.


Once we have a clear understanding of your risks, we can then look to mitigate them through a review of your business systems and procedures.


We then identify which business impacting risks can be transferred to Insurers.


Transfer of Risk into the Insurance Market requires high levels of experience and knowledge to ensure your business risks are effectively covered by an appropriate Insurance Program.


When things go wrong and you need to make a claim, this is when our gap analysis / risk transfer strategies are put to the ultimate test.


With immediate support from our specialist Claims Management team, we will guide you through, a sometimes, very complicated claims process.


The first step towards getting you the right protection is assessing your current insurance policies to determine the real value of your current premiums.


Once this is completed, we work with you on identifying your business or personal risks to make sure your insurance policy is tailored to suit your needs.