In today’s litigious society, professionals who provide specialist advice or services face the real prospect that they could be sued by a disgruntled client, employee or regulator.


Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to provide you and your company with financial protection when claims of this nature arise.


It will give you peace of mind when providing advice to your clients.


What does Professional Indemnity Insurance provide coverage for?


  • Any company or individual providing professional advice or services can be held liable for financial loss arising from errors or omissions committed by themselves or by their employees.
  • A Professional Indemnity policy will protect you against this financial exposure, even if a claim against you fails in court.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance can also extend to cover the legal costs you incur in the defence of a claim.
  • A Professional Indemnity policy will empower you with greater control and security over the future of your business.


Irrespective of the service or advice you provide we can help.


Our experienced team of Insurance Brokers will work with you to provide a tailored insurance program to cover your risks.


We understand that every business is unique, faced with a range of different risks, some more important than others.


The first step towards getting you the right protection is assessing your current insurance policies to determine the real value of your current premiums.


Once this is completed, we work with you on identifying your business or personal risks to make sure your insurance policy is tailored to suit your needs.